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Wellton Industry Sectors

Wellton focus on 6 core industry sectors to offer exceptional and effective solutions

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Energy Sector

The Energy industry is a major sector that has a history of providing sustained business and growth for many businesses over many years. The Energy industry supply chain consists of all size and nature of businesses and although clearly defined across most of the sectors, inexperienced, inadequate or under resourced navigation can be both a challenging and arduous task.

Wellton has significant experience in business development within the Oil and Gas (Upstream and Downstream), Renewable, Nuclear and Decommissioning sectors with a substantial track record of working with a broad range of companies operating in the UK and Internationally. Wellton has provided direct selling and consultancy services within these sectors for a significant period and we have worked with a wide and varied spectrum of companies to develop and shape their commercial growth over several years. We feel that our knowledge and contacts within this market place are second to none and with resource problems being a major issue now and for the foreseeable future, outsourcing is the answer to your business needs.

Manufacturing Sector

In today's constantly evolving manufacturing landscape, enhanced demand variability challenges manufacturers to increasingly streamline their processes in order to remain competitive and drive business growth.

Outsourcing sales and marketing activities allows the business to do this by focusing on its core functions using the technical resources that it employs. Resource and experience issues are a major problem throughout many industries. Technical resource is often put into sales and marketing roles which is a misuse of an incredibly valuable resource. Employment of sales and marketing experienced professionals by outsourcing is a tried, tested, reliable and proven method that always gives return by exceeding expectations.

Professional Services

he Professional Services sector covers businesses from accountants, engineers, law firms, public relations professionals, recruiters, real estate brokers through to translators and medical centres. While not limited to licentiates, professional services may run to partnerships, firms, or corporations as well as to individuals. In every case there is a need for the recruitment of sales and marketing professionals.

The broad spectrum of professional services businesses means that the clientele are also very varied so for a truly beneficial and successful sales and marketing campaign, the responsible team or individual need to have a wide range of contacts throughout many industries. Wellton has this in abundance and with our tailored solutions offering the client full or part time outsourced sales and marketing management, we can suit the needs of clients of all sizes.

Construction Sector

The construction industry is a very complex industry that is very project driven and like many similar project related sectors, it suffers from peaks and troughs. These highs and lows are due to two things, demand and sales & marketing activity. Demand will always feature in any industry especially where large scale projects need to be sanctioned in the first instance and there are also so many contributing factors to be considered. Sales and marketing needs to be consistent to gather, keep and hold momentum through these peaks and troughs.

Technical staff within an organisation are often the resource that is used in the troughs to start the sales momentum. This technical resource is often pooled back into the operations function once projects are won and the workload increases which leave the sales and marketing activities to steadily slip back down the graph. Wellton’s tailored solutions offers the client full or part time outsourced sales and marketing management ensuring a consistent effort can be maintained providing the stability of regular measured sales and in turn generating qualified opportunities and a healthy outlook and order book for future projects.

Transport and Logistics Sector

The transport and logistics industry consists of the road, rail, water and air transport sectors, as well as related infrastructure management firms and vehicle and equipment leasing and rental companies. Wellton has significant experience within the transportation and logistics sector ranging from 3PL and 4PL logistics, day to day distribution, port agency services, air and ocean freight through to multimodal project cargoes on a national and international scale.

This experience and knowledge has been gathered from Wellton’s operatives who have held positions within this expansive and critical sector over the last 3 decades. The main industries that drive the transportation sector feature heavily in Wellton’s portfolio making it a perfect complimentary business stream with synergies throughout.

Automotive Sector

The Automotive Industry covers a wide range of companies and organisations involved in the various stages of design, development, manufacture, marketing, and selling of motor vehicles. The sector is also heavily influential in the conception of new technologies and how they are being integrated into our personal and business lives.

We are at a pivotal moment for the Automotive industry which will help determine how people think about transport and how it will be shaped for the future. Wellton offers excellent knowledge and an experienced team to work with companies of all sizes within the sector's UK and international supply chain. We are a committed team of sales and marketing experts, and a trusted partner that offers a full range of tailored sales and marketing executives and support services to meet the demands and needs of your specific area.

A fresh view and a new take can often make a huge difference. Our experience in areas of sales, marketing, strategic planning and product launch makes Wellton a resource that should be considered to review, revitalise and energise your current and future sales and marketing activities.